About us

The market of tourist applications and online guides is already existing and flourishing. A great many cities, tourist agencies or institutions (museums, etc.) offers their visitors audio-guides.


However, the market of online guides is not complete. HorizonGuide attempts to extent the usability of location-based websites towards the world of long-distance journey, functioning as a sit&see application.

More than infotainment

We are convinced that the time we spend with travelling can be an occasion for getting new information and new entertainment – that’s why we call HorizonGuide.net a tool of infotainment.

HorizonGuide can become an integral part of service delivered by transport companies or tourist agencies towards their clients – towards travellers. It can bolster their convenience, which is a decisive factor when choosing the manner how to travel.

A cultural & educational startup

HorizonGuide is the initiative of social researchers and entrepreneurs. It aims to be a “cultural and educational startup”, with a profit- and non-profit strategy as well.

István Kollai – Product Owner

Domonkos Ottlik – Content Manager